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The Good Nanny: A Novel Benjamin Cheever

The Good Nanny: A Novel

Benjamin Cheever

Published 2004
ISBN : 9781402596568
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 About the Book 

The Cross familys new nanny is perfect: a natural with the children, a whiz in the kitchen, and a talented painter. The only thing Miss Washington cant seem to do is make a mistake. But when Stuart Cross loses his editing job and decides to write the great American novel, the nannys excellence quickly becomes a sore spot. Stuart, paralyzed by writers block, envies her imminent artistic success- his wife distrusts her and wishes she could stay home with their daughters- and on top of that, the nannys old boyfriend, ex-con Toussaint, is making the local police uneasy. The heightening jealousy and resentment the parents feel toward their surrogate set into motion a chain of unexpected events and surprising reversals that will end, one frantic week later, in a suspected kidnapping, a half-million-dollar book deal, and the disturbing question of just who, exactly, the guilty party really is.