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Born Gangster Jimmy Tippett Jr

Born Gangster

Jimmy Tippett Jr

Published April 7th 2014
Kindle Edition
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“So there I am, still not 13 years old, seeing everything the underground has to offer. I remember my dad pouring carrier bags of cash onto the bed –– I wanted that life. He was a real gentleman and I wanted to follow in his well-heeled footsteps…”Jimmy Tippet Jnr was born into gangster aristocracy. Son of legendary boxer and South London heavy, Jimmy Tippett, he grew up rubbing shoulders with the most notorious faces in London.The result was a lifestyle amongst the criminal elite – and with an upbringing like Jimmy’s, what could go wrong? He had the brains, the muscle and the balls to be a player, and when the work was done there were cars, cash, drugs, girls and high times. His reputation as a man not to be crossed was undisputed.But as Jimmy travelled deeper into the heart of the underworld, his judgement began to falter. Mired in cocaine and paranoia, his operation began to come off the rails. Friends and foes alike became targets, and the world he had known for so long threatened to tear him apart…Uncompromising in its language, pace and style, Born Gangster is the ultimate ride into the exclusive, power-driven world of the gangster, told by a man who has lived and breathed the underworld for most of his life. It will leave you breathless.