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Lo que piensan los filósofos Jeremy Stangroom

Lo que piensan los filósofos

Jeremy Stangroom

Published 2011
256 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

We may think philosophers live in an ivory tower but they really confront the important issues of life that challenge us all.Find out how real philosophers approach the Big Questions in What Philosophers Think. A fascinating collection of interviews with 22 of the worlds greatest minds, including: Peter Singer, Janet Radcliffe Richards, Helena Cronin, Richard Dawkins, Alan Sokal, Edward O. Wilson, Russel Stannard, John Harris, Don Cupitt, Richard Swinburne, Peter Vardy, Mary Madgley, Stuart Hampshire, Roger Scruton, Mary Warnock, Ray Monk, Ted Honderich, John Searle, Jonathan Ree, Simon Blackburn, Michael Dummett, and Hilary Putnam. This fascinating book provides important insights on such topics as:Janet Radcliffe Richards on Darwin and nature:We seem to have a deeply ingrained idea of the dangers of interference in what is natural But you can only interfere with something which has a purpose or is meant to go a certain way .If we want to achieve any good at all, standing back is not the way to do it.Russel Stannard on free will:One can have academic arguments [and] convince yourself that you cant possibly be free you cannot but live your life as though you do have free will.