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Blind Mans Buff William R. Polk

Blind Mans Buff

William R. Polk

Published November 25th 2013
Kindle Edition
204 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Nineteenth Century Great Game for control of Central Asia was played along the mountains and in the deserts of Afghanistan. The “players” were British and Russian intelligence agents of great daring and fortitude. They spied and fought, often alone and sometimes in disguise, far from any hope of support and frequently in deadly danger. Long after their time, a new version of the “game” continued in the Cold War. This is a fictional account of an episode in the in the modern Great Game -- the story of an Anglo-American-Russian espionage venture in which a young American intelligence agent carries on in the spirit of the old Great Game. It is based on an intimate knowledge of the country and the people and on actual events. It makes a riveting tale.