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Lumi Nation Aneta Skirko

Lumi Nation

Aneta Skirko

Published May 23rd 2014
Kindle Edition
356 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In the future biolight is everything. It defines the society, its warm glow suffuses the Centre and the happy people living there, people who try not to think about mysterious Grey Zone. Kaya is a young but talented Net creator, one of the elite few, who admin, coordinate and model the virtual system of the city from the silver Orb, a building hovering in the air like a spaceship.One day she comes across a mysterious journal written by a now-forgotten creator. Soon Net Security Agents are after her, a brooding man stalks her and all around the Net and biolight show signs of impeding catastrophe. Ultimately this cascade of events leads to.. something new. A secret that might change the City forever.