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Cloud of Glory Frank Cecil

Cloud of Glory

Frank Cecil

Kindle Edition
332 pages
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 About the Book 

CLOUD OF GLORY is a story of Americas Marines. For anyone who has ever spent time there... or wondered what goes on there... CLOUD OF GLORY takes us beyond the gates of Parris Island to the place where Marines are made. This fictional tale is based in part on the authors experiences there in the early nineteen eighties. The reader experiences along with the characters the pain, fear and triumphs - along with the strange brand of humor - that a young recruit endures as a potential member of Americas Force in Readiness.After Parris Island, CLOUD takes us to a discreet training base where only the elite of the elite learn their craft, and then transports us to the war-ravaged streets of Beirut where Americas young men are once again putting their lives on the line in the defense of others. CLOUD also examines these issues from a different perspective - from the viewpoint of those left at home.CLOUD OF GLORY is a riveting tale of adventure, love and loss set against the backdrop of a growing threat - a threat that finally exploded into the shores of America early in the twenty-first century.